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Pro-Food Pro Pack 2011 - Gold Sponsorship

Elephant House’s flagship soft drink EGB has announced that it will be a proud sponsor of this year’s Pro Foods / Pro Pack International Exhibition 2011, the main International Exhibition of food Processing, Packaging and Agribusiness fraternities.

This year’s Pro Foods / Pro Pack International Exhibition 2011 will attract companies primarily from the SAARC region. In total 300 exhibiting companies from 15 countries, will showcase more than 1000 new products and services at this event which seeks to showcase the latest products in the local processed food industry, sampling of consumer favorites, innovation and technology development in packaging, newest agricultural machinery and services, processed food hygiene education and more.

Speaking about the sponsorship Mr. Chandima Perera - Head of Beverages and Vice President of John Keells Holdings said, “As a beverage which is available on 6 continents and required by popular choice in certain countries, our partnership with this international exhibition in its 10th anniversary is a natural choice. We are very proud to be the Gold Sponsor of this exhibition which will allow investors, traders and consumers to get firsthand information and have business opportunities in the Industry.

This event, growing year by year, helps all stakeholders of the processed food, packaging & agriculture industry to exchange their technical knowhow, and enrich business relationships. This is an event that undoubtedly stimulates country’s economic growth whereby the event will provide the platform to harness the investment benefits declared at the recent government budget for developing the SME sector in Sri Lanka. The event will stimulate the food industries related market forces to reach the country’s ambitious strategic economic growth plans identified to be achieved in next five to ten years, under the banner of moving Sri Lanka to be Asia’s wonder. A noteworthy feature of this whole process is the high level of benefits that are passed down to the farmers, who are the indispensable and also most deserving segment of the processed food chain.

This exhibition has been designed in a manner in which the general public, who are the end consumers, derive substantial knowledge and information about new products and advanced food technologies. This is quite evident by the growing number of visitors to the exhibition every year, making it one of the most popular exhibitions to be visited.

This exhibition will open on August 26th from 10.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon for trade visitors and thereafter for the public till 8.00 p.m. and on the 27th and 28th of August from 10.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. for the public.

Marketed by Elephant House, a subsidiary of the John Keells Holdings Group, EGB dominates the ginger based drinks category in Sri Lanka and is the only natural Ginger Beer in the local market made to a recipe over 115 years old. Elephant House Ginger Beer (EGB) is exported to 25 countries on all continents including markets such as the United Kingdom, Canada, the Middle East, India and West Africa to name a few.

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Chemistry Ceylon 40th Annual Session Opening Ceremony, Main Sponsor - EGB

Elephant House being a truly Sri Lanka company; is proud to be the main sponsor of 40th Annual session and the 70th Anniversary elaboration of the institute of chemistry opening ceremony with EGB(Elephant House Ginger Beer).

“Elephant House Ginger Beer” is a unique and popular carbonated soft drink developed in Sri Lanka over 115 years ago (Original Recipe Since 1896). “Elephant House Ginger Beer”, popularly known as “EGB”, is the only natural Ginger Beer in the local market, and has maintained that quality throughout the years giving the consumers a beverage with a unique natural distinctive taste. The product is made using natural ginger extracts which is sourced from local farmers.

We feel that an event of this caliber will further enforce EGB’s unique identity as a product which has a natural ingredient and its brand association with food which has been built over the years. We congratulate the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon on its 70th Anniversary and we wish them all the very best.

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EGB Light new look!

Tired and thirsty? Fight your fatigue with EGB Light.
It's the same great EGB taste with no sugar and zero calories.

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Elephant House Ice cream introduces it’s newest and most irressitable flavour


L – R Sanjeewa Jayaweera CFO Elephant House Neil Samarasinghe Head Of Frozen Confectionery Elephant House Angelo Mathews Brand Ambassador  Elephant House Ice Cream Jit Gunaratne President Consumer Foods Group Surani Sahabandu Marketing Manager Elephant House


Team Elephant House


Team Elephant House

Undisputed market leader in ice cream Elephant House introduced iconic young cricketer Angelo Mathews as Brand Ambassador for the growing trade name.

As the brand which sets the standards fro the industry Elephant House ice cream disheds out staggering 2 million liters of ice cream in the month of April which any other me- too brand could possibly be only dreaming of.

A pure Sri Lankan brand, the tie up represents carrying forward the brand name as a consistent, credible and dependable brand by associating it with an internationally recognized local person, a description where Mathews fits perfectly.

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Flavour within a flavor by Elephant House Ice Cream

What better way to usher in the holiday season than been given the option of wider choice which is not only good for the taste pallet but also natural in flavour.

Elephant House has always been in the forefront in marrying innovation to excitement. Keeping its promise to the consumer, they have now introduced a whole new range of stick based ice creams which takes their entire sticks range to a total of 16 exciting flavours.

Launching two different product categories, namely '2 Bar' and 'Mini Jumbo Jolly,' the total number of new flavours added are 9.

The '2 Bar' range represents an ice cream hidden inside an ice cream for those of you who are adventurous and loves to indulge in 2 different flavours at once. The uniqueness of this range is that these ice creams are jelly based and promises to captivate the consumer with the first bite. Elephant House is the first to launch the all new irresistible jelly based stick ice creams in the country.

The '2 Bar' range is available in;
'Vanilla Faluda' which is Vanilla ice cream covered with Faluda ice cream,
'Vanilla Orange ice cream' which is Vanilla ice cream covered with Orange ice cream,
'Lemon Mango ice cream' which is Mango Jelly covered by Lemon ice cream and
'Strawberry Jelly ice cream' which is Strawberry ice cream surrounded by Jelly

'Mini Jumbo Jolly' is available in 35ml packs and is an extension to the existing 'Jumbo Jolly' range. The thought behind this new range is 'a mini jolly with a lot of fun'. The new flavours added to 'Mini Jumbo Jolly' range are; Orange, Mango, Strawberry Mixed Fruit and Strawberry & Pineapple.

The specialty of the new products introduced are, that they all made of natural ingredients.

“This is definitely the right time to launch the new products. Everyone is in the holiday mood with lots of festivities taking place. The new flavours, especially the jelly based products are absolutely irresistible and will be a definite hit amongst children and adults alike” said Mr Neil Samarasinghe - Head of Frozen Confectionery, Elephant House.

The new range would be incomplete without a taste of the all time favourite - ‘chocolate’. The 'Wonder Treat', is a Vanilla ice cream bar coated with crunchy chocolate and biscuit nuts made especially for all chocoholics.

“With the launch of these new products we intend to further capture the impulse purchase category and to strengthen our penetration in the market. Innovation is central to everyone at Elephant House. Our main focus is to provide a quality product which enriches our brand promise of delivering natural goodness to our consumers.” he further stated.

The entire new range is made available at affordable prices ranging between Rs 10/- – 20/-.

“The expansion of the business will not only benefit the company but the community that we operate in. We religiously use locally sourced ingredients for our products working to the benefit of farmer communities. The company invests significantly in maintaining partnerships by encouraging them to grow the produce required for the Elephant House supply chain, which enhances the technical know-how of farmers, while creating local value addition” described Mr Jit Gunaratne - President Consumer Foods Group, John Keells Holdings PLC.

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