The art of making ice cream a guiltless pleasure

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The solution to the above has been identified with Elephant House “Lite” ice cream. Available in both Vanilla and Chocolate flavours, according to Elephant House, Vanilla Lite contains 27% less calories compared to their regular Vanilla and Choco Lite contains 24% less calories compared to their regular Chocolate Ice Cream.

“The re-launch of “Lite” ice cream in smaller packs was done keeping in mind the health conscious consumer. Since the ice cream taste as good as a regular ice cream , the only compromise made would be the calories and not the taste” stated Mr Neil Samarasinghe – Head of Frozen Confectionery Elephant House.

The sweet taste of the ice cream comes from an internationally approved sweetener; therefore there is no actual sugar or sucrose added to the ice cream. The product is designed to perfectly suit modern society who is health conscious.