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The Elephant House Brand is synonymous with wholesome goodness.

Elephant House Beverages presently include carbonated soft drinks, caffeine based beverages, known in certain parts of world as energy drinks and natural beverages.

The Elephant House carbonated soft drinks range include Elephant House Ginger Beer, better known as EGB which contains natural ginger, Cream Soda the popular vanilla flavored youth beverage, raspberry flavored Necto, orange flavored Orange Crush and Orange Barley, Lemonade, Soda, Apple Soda, Dry Ginger Ale and Tonic.

Caffeine based Wild Elephant and Blue Fountain bottled drinking water brands are also presently manufactured and marketed by Elephant House Beverages which is probably the beverage company with the widest reach in the island. Elephant House manufacturers and markets a unique brand of Ice cream which is the leading frozen confectionery brand both in Sri Lanka and Maldives, where many other international brands are available but humbled. Elephant House Ice Cream is probably the best tasting Vanilla Ice cream in the country and the range extends to other flavors such as Pani Cadju, Karthakolumban, Strawberry, Chocolate, Fruit n Nut and Hakuru Mix. Enjoy Elephant House brands and enrich your life with wholesome goodness.