Elephant House Ginger Beer

Elephant House Ginger Beer
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As a major CSR initiative to source ginger, CCS turned to the ginger growers of several villages in the vicinity of the Hataraliyadda Town in the Kandy district, and entered into a partnership to develop the local ginger farming industry together with the Kandurata Development Bank (KDB) supported by Central bank of Sri Lanka. The project, approximately involves 225 growers of whom approximately 1,125 people depend for their livelihoods.

The ginger which is used to make Elephant Ginger Beer is home grown by a ginger farmer community in Hatharaliyaddha.The ginger farmers are provided the know-how and resources by a consortium together with Ceylon Cold Stores, Ginger Farmers Association and the Kadurata Sangwardana Bank. This consortium provides the ginger farmers with a fixed market with Ceylon Cold Stores purchasing their ginger at a pre agreed price ( Fair Price trading). The resources and technology is provided by the other two members. Currently more than 250 families in Hathraliyaddha are enrolled in this program and as a result have come out of  economic deprivation.


In order to expand the market for EGB and as a market development move, the product was initially exported to Australia. The product was made available in the Woolworths chain. Based on the success of the initiative EGB was exported to many other countries namely

  • Kuwait
  • India
  • France
  • Italy
  • Australia
  • Norway
  • Germany
  • Denmark
  • Switzerland
  • Chez Republic
  • New Zealand
  • UK
  • Netherland
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Belgium
  • Maldives


Time Tested Recipe
A 100 year old recipe still made using the natural ginger, ''Elephant Ginger Beer'' is the only ginger beer made using natural ginger extract. From all the ginger beers in the world "'Elephant Ginger Beer'' is one of the few brands which use a sophisticated process of pure ginger extraction.

Why Elephant Ginger Beer is good with food
Ginger has been used as an appetizer world over from ancient times. ''Elephant Ginger Beer'' 's ginger extract with its original taste and texture will neutralize and prepare your taste buds for a more delicious bite after every sip.

Elephant Ginger Beer as a Digestive
Elephant Ginger Beer natural ginger will help fatty acids, oil, to be dissolved and dissociate, giving the drinker relief from stuffiness and drowsiness after a heavy meal, thus giving food enthusiast the liberty to dine merrily

Natural ''Elephant Ginger Beer'' is the best
Elephant Ginger is made using 100%  natural ginger extract. EGB colour, smell & taste is 100%  natural making it the only natural ginger beer available in the market.

Unique Color of ''Elephant Ginger Beer''
''Elephant Ginger Beer'' has a unique natural colour of cloudy white because it's made out of natural ginger extract.

"Elephant Ginger Beer" is a unique and popular carbonated soft drink developed in Sri Lanka more than 100 years ago

Original Recipe Since 1896

"Elephant Ginger Beer", popularly known as "EGB", is the only natural ginger beer in the local market so far and has maintained that quality throughout the years giving the consumers a beverage with a unique natural distinctive taste. The product is made using natural ginger extracts which is sourced from local farmers.



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  • Benefits of Elephant Ginger Beer
  • Benefits of Natural Ginger


Ginger has long been renowned for its use in cooking and for its aromatic smell, but did you know that there are also many health benefits of ginger root such as curing nausea and indigestion.

What is Ginger?
Ginger is a plant that comes from Southeast Asia, and is now also cultivated in Jamaica and other tropical areas. The ginger herb root is used for culinary and medicinal purposes. Ginger is a natural spice and is known world wide for its smell and pungent taste. Ginger has been used by Chinese herbalists for more than 2,500 years as flavoring in food.

What are the Health Benefits of Ginger?
There is a wide range of benefits of ginger such as cure for nausea, digestive problems, arthritis amongst many others. Preventing nausea caused during pregnancy or when traveling is one of the benefits of ginger root. Ginger is also known to have the ability to calm an upset stomach ,improve blood circulation ,ease stomach cramps and and sooth our minds. Ginger supports a healthy cardiovascular system by making platelets less sticky which in turn reduces circulatory problems.

Ginger oil used for massages can help relieve painful arthritis due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger is often included in many herbal decongestants and can help to minimize the symptoms of respiratory conditions, colds and allergies.

Chinese medicine also shows that when the stomach is healthy, the internal energies can flow about the body much more freely. This will inturn impact everything we do.

With all the benefits of ginger and continuing research, the ginger root is fast becoming a very popular medicinal herb.

Ginger Helps to Ease Digestive Discomfort
In the practice of traditional Chinese medicine, ginger is often prescribed to decrease intestinal gas production and to relax the smooth muscles that line the digestive tract.

Double-blind studies have found ginger to be effective in decreasing symptoms of motion sickness, particularly seasickness. More specifically, intake of ginger has been shown to decrease feelings of dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and the production of cold sweats. One study even found ginger to be more effective than Dramamine, a drug that is often used to treat symptoms of motion sickness.

Science supports the use of ginger as a digestive aid
Studies that began in the 1980's have confirmed Ginger's value in treating a variety of digestive problems. Other possible applications are also being explored.

Studies showed that taking ginger helped move food through the stomach and intestine. This movement may provide relief to those who experience bloating, pressure, and slow digestion.

Other Health Benefits of Ginger
Ginger has also been shown to clean and thin the blood thus positively affecting the heart and almost every other organ in the body.